StuckPixel is a mobile development team specializing in developing entertaining applications with a unique approach to functionality and design. Founded in January of 2009 by Simon Chu and Andrew Lee, the company is an outlet for their ideas on exploring the capabilities of the mobile world. Since then, while keeping its sights set on innovation and creativity, StuckPixel has had incredible growth and expanded their team globally and locally. As a result, a wide array of entertainment applications and games have been conceived with meticulous detail and quality, leading to a large following and presence on the mobile front.

Hi, we're StuckPixel!

Meet the Team

Simon Chu (Co-founder acting as President and CTO):  With years of experience from being a software and web developer, Simon continues to innovate for success. His ambitious drive helps steer the company forward.

Andrew Lee (Co-founder acting as CEO and VP): Andrew’s ability to think clearly and stay focused is what turns the gears in the company. Also coming from a software background, Andrew understands the full development cycle and has substantial experience in automation.

Margaret Liaw (Project Manager): Also known as the yoga master in the office, Margaret propels her energy towards organizing multiple projects and tasks with external and internal resources. Her command of balance allows her to work with several teams and keep Simon in check.

Paul Luu (Sr. Software Developer): Paul is the jack-of-all-trades. His years of experience and dedication to computing makes him one of the most versatile people in the company: from approving company hardware to developing and testing units.

Anthony Liu (Software Developer): From a young age, Anthony found a great interest in the tech industry. He soon began and continues to learn various programming languages, including ones for front-end and back-end programming. In his free time, he also enjoys playing basketball and computer games and being a stud.

Albert Pack (Software Developer): As an extremely passionate technology evangelist with Microsoft products such as Xbox, Windows, Office, and Visual Studio for over 20 years, Albert is truly a “PC” all the way. He is a firm believer that software development is helping to resolve most of everyday problems to make the world a better place to live in. It is said that he is the most interesting man in the office.

Alvin Yu (Software Developer): Coming from years of low level programming experience, Alvin soon stepped up to learning C++ and Objective-C. While leading peers, his drive and ability get things accomplished. As a programming hipster, he loves developing novelty applications and staying on top of trends.

Tony Chan (Android Developer): Tony’s drive, patience, and discipline built from hours of fitness also apply in the workplace. As one with avid interests in biotechnology and all things Google and Android-related, Tony proves to be an adept developer.

Alizain Merchant (Game Developer): Under the cover of darkness, Ali can be found concocting multi-platform games with Unity3D, playing video games, or watching anime.

Brian Huo (Content Manager): Brian is an expert on teh internetz. He’s seen ALL the memes! Twice. He does a stellar job of updating content and possesses intangibles gained purely through genuine interest and experience.

Tiffany Yamashita (Associate Content Manager): Tiffany is the keeper of all things magical on the internetz. When she’s not managing content of the interwebs or communicating through memes, you will most likely find her running amok at Disneyland, equipped with fast passes in one hand and a corn dog in the other. She also enjoys fashion and blogging.

Denny Chou (Art Director): As part of the artistic staff, Denny shows off his creative side through illustration and song.

Adriana Tang (Lead Creative): Adriana is one of the most productive members. Her familiarity with the work of others and reliability make her a growing asset to the team.

Mia Mercado (Web Developer): Mostly working with Javascript, Mia also enjoys exploring the web for new food recipes and makeup tutorials.

Lazer and Ayla (Work Dogs): Don’t be fooled by their cute appearances; Lazer and Ayla are the security forces at the office. They go through a vigorous, daily training program which includes chasing balls, whining, and yelping at dangers such as visitors and squeaky toys.

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