From the creators of Funny Pics, comes another large and funny collection of images – Demotivational Pics! Hilarious Demotivational posters are uploaded every day in this FREE app.


  •  40,000+ pictures; more added daily
  • Comment, rate, and favorite pics
  •  Download and share to Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Sort pics by recent, popular, and random
  • Search pics by tags or uploader
  •  Create and submit your own Demotivational Pics!

  Android app on Google Play


  • Dave

    I have used this app (along with Funny Pics and Epic Fail) for three years now on my iPhone. They are great and I use them daily! I have recently switched to a Windows Phone 8 device; any chance of getting Demotivational on there? I have already downloaded Funny Pics and Epic Fail.

    • stuckpixelinc

      Hi Dave. We’re glad you like our apps! Our apps for Windows devices are still works in progress, but we hope to get Demotivational available soon.

  • Robert

    Hello I’ve had this app for sometime now and lately the Random and Popular categories will not load the next picture by clicking the arrows only when you go back and select the next photo. I have experienced this problem on an IPhone 5, 4, and Galaxy S.

  • Steve

    Hi guys, love this App. I Just bust a gut laughing every week. Recently it just crashes back to desktop on my iPad every time I try to open a picture. Any ideas?

    • StuckPixel, Inc.

      We’re glad you love the app! Please email us at [support] with more details (device, OS, app version), so we can help you find a fix.

  • Chris

    hey i love y’alls apps i have had funny pics and demotivational for years but for the past couple of months i havent been able to download the images from demotivational i can go through the whole process but the image wont show up in my photo library. Do you all know what the problem is?

    • StuckPixel, Inc.

      Hi Chris. Did you allow Photos access to the app? Assuming that you’re using an Apple device, you may need to enable Photos access by going to Settings → Privacy → Photos and turn the switch to “On” for the app. You can also try reinstalling the app. If you are still unable to download images, please email us with more details (your device, OS, app version) to [support], and we’ll try to figure out the problem.

  • Scott

    Hello! I love this app!!!! But for the last few weeks, it crashes every time I try to open a single pic…. Please help!!!

    • StuckPixel, Inc.

      Hello Scott! We’re glad to hear you love Demotivational! Did you try reinstalling the app? If so, please email us with more details (your device, OS, app version) to [support], so we can better assist you.

  • Glen

    how/where do you download your pics to the Demotivational site???

    • StuckPixel

      Hi Glen. When you’re on the picture you want to download, tap the chevron (double arrows), and you’ll see an option to “Download.” If you haven’t already, you will need to allow Demotivational Pics access to “Photos” to download the image. This can be changed under your device’s Settings.

      • Glen

        oops wrong terms, I want to Upload some of my “creations” to your website for the demotivational app. thanks!

      • StuckPixel

        Sure, you can submit your “creations” here:

      • Glen

        I don’t know how to submit a link to an image. I just saved them on my computer to send to you all.

      • StuckPixel

        You can email us pictures to Please be sure to write that you’d like to submit them to Demotivational Pics.

  • facibus

    Sadness… Demotivational no longer downloading pics on iPad app. Clicking chevrons, selecting download, seems ok, but no pics in pictures folder. Download/copy image working in other apps/mobile safari. iOS 7.whatsit issue, I wonder?

    • StuckPixel

      Have you checked your settings? You may need to allow Photos access to Demotivational Pics. You can do this by going to Settings → Privacy → Photos and turning the switch “On” for the app.

  • nige

    I regularly use this app on my Android phone but lately the ads have been automatically redirecting me to the Play store to buy their games or whatnot. It’s frustrating and feels like the app is purposefully allowing this in order to give the game developer more hits. If that’s the case, i find that practice sneaky and will remove this app from my phone. If it’s an error, please fix it.

    • StuckPixel

      Hello. Please try reinstalling the app. Ads should not take you outside of the app unless you have tapped it. If you’re still having issues, please email us at with more details (device, OS, app version).

  • Aaron Deneb

    What is going on with this app? There has not been any update in over a week. If the mobile app is to be discontinued then at least post a final meme saying so.

    • StuckPixel

      We apologize for the lack of updates lately, there were some issues on our end that needed to be resolved. The updates for the app should resume shortly.