Browsing Through Funny Pics

Browsing Through Funny Pics

Browsing Through Funny Pics

The browsing experience in Funny Pics is still similar to previous version with horizontal paging. However, we added some new features for this more modern layout.

Browse Through Funny Pics

In the main thumbnails view, you can still sort images by “Popular,” “Recent,” and “Random.” A “refresh” button will appear whenever there are new comments, stats, or pics. We have also improved the search functionality, which now include suggestions for search tags. Read more about our search here.

When viewing a single image, you will notice some more dramatic changes. First of all, yes, the images will automatically be shown in high-res, and gifs will play immediately after loading! Tap once on the image to toggle the top and bottom bars.

View a Single Image on Funny Pics

Pull down on the “i” button at the top left to show the info box, which includes the image title, description, and date. Users can also swipe down from the middle of an image to view the info box. Swipe up to return to the image view.

At the bottom tab bar, you will see the top two comments, the comment button, picture rating, and downloads/sharing options. Rate or change your rating by tapping the thumbs.

  • Mary

    How to select hi res and low res on the new funny pics app design

    • StuckPixel

      Hi Mary. Like this post mentions, all images will automatically be in high resolution. There is no longer a low-res option.

  • Alec

    How do I add pictures or gifs to my favorites?

    • StuckPixel

      Upvote the image!