Android Update: Funny Pics v.2.4!

In version 2.4, Android users now have the ability to comment and submit their own images to Funny Pics.

 How can you tell if an image is user-submitted? Check for a username under the pic!

What else is new?

  • FREE commenting
  • Push notifications (for when other users reply to your comments)
  • Bug fixes

Push notifications! *NOTE: For now, if you’d like to disable push notifications, users will have to log out of their account. A future update will include a settings menu to disable push notifications without having to sign out.

Android app on Google Play

  • Teehee

    Dur hur dur

  • Tripple Raiiinnnbbowlollipop

    Something’s wrong with the apple version as of 2/27/13

    • stuckpixelinc

      Hello. We have since fixed the server issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Natasha Marie D’Flower

    :(.. I cant comment picture at all.. It keep telling error on performing action.. Or sonething like that.. I tried restarting my phone.. Log out n in n nothibg 🙁

    • StuckPixel

      Hi Natasha. Have you tried reinstalling the app? If so, and you’re still experiencing issues, please email us at with more details.