Funny Pics 3.0 for Android (Phase 1)

Funny Pics 3.0 for Android

Coming this week for Android is the first phase of Funny Pics 3.0!

This update will include some of the new design when browsing through pictures and commenting. Images are automatically shown in high-res and .gifs will start playing immediately after loading. Previously on some Android devices, users needed to press and hold the multitask button for the menu to show. Now, users can simply tap the overflow menu, noted by the vertical ellipsis (three dots). To comment and view comments, tap the small speech bubble icon on the bottom left of the bottom bar.

View Funny Pics 3.0 on Android

Another new part of the update is a slide-out navigation aka hamburger menu. This will be similar to the bottom tabs for iOS users. Favorites (and upvoted images) can be found in “Upvotes” under the image sorting icon, as shown below.

Menu and Commenting in Funny Pics 3.0 for Android

Other features like the in-app user profile and activity feed will appear in a future update. Funny Pics 3.0 will be available for users with Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3) and above.

Android app on Google Play

  • Alberto Lopez

    Is there any word on when 3.0 will be available for Android devices? Just curious.

    • StuckPixel

      Hi Alberto. We’re slowly releasing it to Android devices, but there’s no estimated date on when it will be available for everyone at this time.