Funny Pics 3.2 for Android

Funny Pics 3.2 Released to All Users

That’s right – all Android users now have access to the Funny Pics 3.2 update! Thank you for your patience and feedback.

This version includes most of the features found in the iOS version of the app. There’s a temporary fix to view images in their highest quality shown below. On older devices, the high-res option may be found by tapping the menu key. In the future, all images will load in high-res automatically.
View Pics in High-Res
New in the slide out menu are the “Activity” and “User” tabs. With the Activity feed, users can view their own news and history, which document how they have interacted in the app.
Funny Pics Android Activity
Users can also view their own profiles (and other people’s profiles) with the tap of a username. Favorites have been merged with “Upvoted”; so, to favorite an image, just give it a thumbs up! Submitting pictures is clearer and easier than before as well. If a moderator has not yet seen your submission, you’ll be able to see exactly how many have yet to be approved. Once your picture has been approved, you will receive a notification.
Funny Pics User

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