Caption Funny Pics

How To Get Uploads in Funny Pics

So you want to put your comedic chops to the test? Try captioning pictures in Funny Pics 3.3 for iOS.

What is the secret to getting your submissions approved by the mysterious mods at StuckPixel? One user offered this suggestion.

How to Upload by P4nts

To some, it may not seem so easy. It’s true that we have a system that removes identical submissions (to lessen the amount of reposts in the app), but our mods also look at every single submission for the best content to approve.

Caption Your Own Pics

Remember to add a good title and description to each submission. These can help convince the mods that your pics are funny, interesting, or just really awesome. Then, tap “Save & Finish” to exit the image captioning.

Based on feedback from users, we’ve also added a temporary solution for .gifs that look “broken” or have not loaded properly. Under the activity/share button, you’ll see a “Reload” option.

Reload broke .gifs

And finally, this update fixes the bug that paused music when viewing .gifs. Keep that music playing!

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    Absolutely awesome app and by far my favourite! I’m an avid Clash of Clans player (lvl100) but I rate Funny Pics higher than Clash of Clans. Provided me with so many laughs over the years with the regular updates. If you have run out of updates then you can go on the random section to view all the past posted pics in FP history. I do have one slight problem with mine but I keep getting logged out and have to start again but that is the first glitch I’ve come across in my time on FP. Keep it up SP!

    PS- My user name is TheAwkwardDinosaur: just in the unlikely event that someone from SP sees this and wants to help fix it.