Funny Pics 3.0 Preview

Introducing the Brand New Funny Pics

Our developers have been busy with completely redesigning the Funny Pics app for iOS, and we’re sharing a sneak peek with you today.

Sneak peek for Funny Pics 3.0

We have read all your feedback and reviewed user usage in the app to create an easier to use interface and browsing experience. Funny Pics 3.0 follows the new iOS design patterns for a more modern and updated look. Favorite features like commenting and rating are even more easily accessible. Browsing through thumbnails and pics is just a swipe away!

With the new tabs at the bottom, users can now view their profile and activity within the app! Subsequent posts will detail the functionality of each and every aspect of Funny Pics 3.0, so stay tuned to find out before the app is released.

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  • MisterSir

    There has been requests by some users to show a like to dislike ratio on comments, receive notifications when an upload is approved/denied, and be able to void tags with a enough downvotes. These are the ones I remember off the top of my head. Will there be changes made to the app involving these things?

    • Andrew


  • Draco Malfoy

    Is this only for iOS and not android as well?

    • Andrew

      Sorry, due to limited resources the update will come out for iPhone first.

      • Draco Malfoy

        That’s a shame; how long until the android update can be made?

      • StuckPixel

        At this time, we don’t have an estimate, but we are already working on the Android redesign.

  • C BOT

    Wow, the new design looks like it’s going ti be great! Keep up the good work, StuckPixel.

    • StuckPixel

      Thank you!

  • thialyth

    Ohhh man im so exited!! Oh yissss

  • LeonelFreak

    here are some request I’ve heard from the app. make the hi-res on top so it wont spoil the picture, comment like ratio, have a section where people can vote for a picture(if it cant be daily then weekly works fine) then have it posted. give users the power to see where they commented so they can see how many thumbs up they got and which pictures they uploaded easier. theirs a few more but i don’t remember them all. just a few ones I’ve remembered 🙂 oh and good job. app looks good and will look even better by the looks of this update. keep up the work stuckpixelsstudios!!

    • StuckPixel

      Again, we’ve heard a lot of your requests and will be implementing some of them into the app. 🙂

  • James

    Never seen a suggestion for this but, could it be possible that you create an option for Hi-Res pics to show up by default instead of having to click on the button to make it so?

    • StuckPixel

      We will mention this in a future post.

  • Eramo88

    Will the new update support the new iPhone 6 and 6+ resolutions?

    • StuckPixel

      Yes, they will!

      • Eramo88

        Sweet!! Thank you!!

  • Marko

    If there’s anything I would love to see improved it would be a lag issue when using the app on iOS 8.
    It acts like the app completely freezes. I am using an iPhone 4S

    • StuckPixel

      Hi Marko. Unfortunately, several apps’ performance can be affected by iOS 8 on the iPhone 4s, as it is an older device. We have optimized our app for faster loading times, but of course, this can vary depending on internet connection, device, OS, and etc.