Rise To The Top of Leaderboards

Lead The Way, Funny Pics!

Rise To The Top of Leaderboards

For those using Funny Pics 3.2 for iOS (available now!), you may notice a new feature under the “Activity” tab called “Leaderboards.”

While we’ve recognized our top Funnyism users each month for the past year, this page features the most active users during the week in the Funny Pics community. Points are calculated on the number of uploads approved, upvotes received, upvotes given, and/or users referred. Any user in the top 5 of each category will have a corresponding badge appear next to their username everywhere in the app.

Funny Pics 3.2 Leaderboards

Among these achievements, you may notice a “Top Referrer.” This brand new feature means that you can earn user points for inviting your friends to join Funny Pics! Please note that your friend must make an account for you to receive points.

Refer a friend to Funny Pics!

One last thing! Since we received reports that some users still had trouble loading .gifs, we changed a few things for speedier caching and loading.

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