Submit Your Content to Funny Pics

Submit Your Own Funny Pics

Submit Your Content to Funny Pics

You’re funny. You have hilarious pictures that you want to share with the rest of the community. Great! Registered users can submit their own pictures or .gifs to the Funny Pics app by tapping the “Upload” tab.

Select from your photos or take a photo. Tap the next arrow to see a preview of your image (it’s especially useful in making sure your .gif plays correctly!). Next, type out the details: a title, description, and tags. This helps the mods sort through the submissions and better understand any references. Tap upload, and you’re done!

Upload Your Own Funny Pics

Want to know if a mod has looked at your submissions yet? See your “Pending Uploads” at the top of the Upload page. You will receive a notification when your image has been approved. This can typically take a few days.

This concludes our in-depth tutorial for Funny Pics 3.0. Look for the new update in the App Store in a couple weeks!

Still have a question about something we haven’t covered here? Comment below or use our contact form.

  • I shjt you not

    I might need to attempt uploading.

  • Matthew Cornejo

    I really wish that I could upload on the website again. I screenshot stuff for nothing, now.

    • Matthew Cornejo


      • StuckPixel

        Hi Matthew. We’re not sure what you mean, but users can still submit images through the Funnyism website. However, we do recommend uploading through the Funny Pics app as the best method.

  • Zubair Khan

    I try to uploading but It not work

    • StuckPixel

      Hi Zubair. All submissions must go through an approval process before they are shown in the app. If you’re seeing a different sort of error when uploading, please email us more details at