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Funny Pics Android v 2.7

Search on Funny Pics for Android

The wait is over – search has finally been added to Funny Pics v 2.7 for Android users!

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Epic Fail v 2.91

New User System for Epic Fail

We call this update a win for the Epic Fail app! Version 2.9.1 welcomes a user system.

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Funny Pics Search Update

Search Added to Funny Pics

Included in iOS version 2.96 of Funny Pics is the ability to search through categories, tags, and user uploads!

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Composure Update v1.1

Composure’s First Update Now Available

After a week as Editor’s Choice on the Mac App Store, Composure has a new update!

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Android Updates

Android Updates for Funny Pics and Wallpapers HD

We’ve recently released two updates for Androids: Funny Pics v 2.5 and Wallpapers HD v 1.4.7!

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Log in to Funny Pics with Facebook!

Link Facebook with Your Funny Pics Account

With the latest iOS update for Funny Pics (version 2.94), you can now log in to the app with your Facebook account!

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2Cute v2.4 is Out Now

2Cute v2.4 offers TWO more pictures in the thumbnail view!

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Update: Demotivational Pics v.2.6

Yes, Demotivational Pics now supports the iPhone 5!

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Android Update: Funny Pics v.2.4!

In version 2.4, Android users now have the ability to comment and submit their own images to Funny Pics.

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